Their Battle with Hypertension Never Turns Off, So Neither Do We

Connected smart blood pressure monitor, AI-driven learning, expert coaching, and a personal journey to heart health. Hypertension costs payors and employers $131 billion per year: Let’s control it at scale with the only digital health platform proven to do so.

Lark for Hypertension Reduces Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke at 6 Months: Omron Healthcare

Latest Study Shows Lark for Hypertension Drives Significant Reduction in Blood Pressure, Risk of Stroke after Just 6 Months

Read the details of Lark’s announcement with Omron Healthcare.

Proven Hypertension Outcomes

Lark for Hypertension includes expert coaching, AI learning, and a smart blood pressure cuff. It is proven to deliver clinical outcomes that scale across a range of metrics such as reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and improvements in feelings of self-efficacy. In fact, Lark’s hypertension outcomes have been shown to exceed that of putting a member on medication exclusively through lifestyle intervention.


Systolic Drop

Average drop in systolic blood pressure at 6 months.


Drop in Strokes

3% drop in SBP has been associated with an 8-14% reduction in strokes.


Coaching Sessions/Week

Highly engaging.

Participants engaged with Lark 2x/day on average.


Sustained Engagement

78% of patients were still engaged after month 6.


Drop in Coronary
Heart Disease

4.5% drop in SBP has been associated with a 15% reduction in coronary heart disease.

Hypertension is Controlled Outside the Four Walls of the Doctor’s Office

Real-Time, Personalized Blood Pressure Feedback

Members with hypertension are offered little care outside the four walls of the doctor’s office, and continued support is required to drive understanding of how lifestyle impacts blood pressure. With 24/7, real-time help, Lark’s expert coaching and connected device technology providers members with access to critical care that helps control high blood pressure and it’s implications, such as heart attack and stroke.

A Journey to Heart Health Unique to Each Person

Every member is different, and bringing one’s blood pressure under control is not a one-size-fits-all clinical approach. Lark recognizes that diet may be a stronger contributor to Jane’s blood pressure while a sedentary lifestyle impacts Jack’s more. Strict medication adherence is always a good clinical guideline, but what if the current medication gives Jack cravings and makes him sleep more, leading to less energy and activity? Lark knows and evolves with the members’ interactions.

Preventing Unnecessary Hospitalizations

At clinically defined triggers such as severe blood pressure spikes or problems with medication, Lark connects members with telephonic care resources, who see all relevant lead-up data such as device data, medication data, and behavioral data such as activity and sleep.

Clinically Superior Outcomes

Lark’s digital hypertension care platform is based on the American Heart Association (AHA)’s guidelines and is proven to provide outcomes that save lives and money at the same time.

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