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Digital Diabetes Prevention Program

Let’s Slow the Rising Tide of Diabetes

Developed with Stanford and Harvard health and behavior change experts, Lark’s DPP is the 2nd largest Fully CDC-Recognized Diabetes Prevention Program and less than half the average DPP cost. Proven to drive outcomes that don’t deteriorate at scale, Lark makes enrollment, engagement, and ROI easy.


Study: “Lark Health’s Diabetes Prevention Program
Achieves Long-Term Weight Loss Results”

Read the details of Lark’s latest DPP study

Study: “DPP Scalability: Urgent but Possible”


Average Sustained 1 Year Weight Loss


Number of Study Participants


Average health cost savings moving a participant from obese to non-obese



(12 months)


Dropped an Entire BMI Category




Age of


Average %
Body Weight

5x Your Enrollment

Lark’s growth marketing team leads campaigns that enroll more than 5x more participants than campaigns run by the payor or employer.

An Experience Members Adore

Over the course of Lark’s year-long DPP members will learn to apply sustainable changes to their nutrition, activity, sleep and more through interactive coaching. A.I-augmentation means that members receive tailored feedback that only gets more knowledgeable about their behaviors and tendencies over time. Leveraging AI, health coaching, peer support, and smart connected devices, members get a deeply personalized lifestyle change program to help them reach their unique goals.
  • Monitors health data from connected devices, activity, claims, and more.
  • Drives behavior change with clinically validated A.I + Health Coaching, proven in 11 journals and analyst reports.

What Makes Lark Different?


Health Tools Delivered Seamlessly

We’ll send everything members need to their home: A wireless scale and an optional activity tracker, to get them started and engaged with a verified weight, all already linked to their Lark App so their Coach knows how to help. 

Track starting and trending weight with the smart digital scale

Encourage 1-on-1 private coaching, available 24/7, with stellar outcomes at scale


Proven Coaching, at Scale

With more than 1.9 million members, Lark’s Wellness, Diabetes Prevention, and Chronic Disease Management programs are highly scalable, and Lark’s A.I-augmented coaching actually gets better with scale, not worse like healthcare 1.0. Members get 1-on-1 support when they need it most, 24 hours a day.

Proven results at scale.

Members can check in with their coach for just 5 minutes per day with text messages, or take a more immersive approach with a video call or social network. A.I-augmentation means that members receive tailored feedback that only gets more knowledgeable about their behaviors and tendencies.


Outcomes-Based Pricing

For your population with Prediabetes, only pay when members enroll in the program and achieve outcomes such as sustained engagement and 5% body weight loss. Since Lark is a healthcare provider, you can also bill through medical claims.

We’ll Make You Look Good

The value of Lark is clear early on, with nearly immediate ROI and cost savings. As the 2nd largest, and fastest growing DPP in the country, Lark shares insights in this whitepaper.

Implementing a DPP with Ease


Scalable Outcomes

Lark has combined cutting edge AI with clinical science and health coaches to deliver scalable outcomes to hundreds of thousands. Read more about Lark’s stellar outcomes from AI and smart connected devices across Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, and Hypertension.

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