Lark for Diabetes | Proven to Lower HbA1c

Lark for Diabetes

Their Battle with Diabetes Never Turns Off, So Neither Do We

Proven to lower HbA1c, Lark has rapidly become the fastest growing chronic disease management platform. Learn how to reduce diabetes-related costs in your population and delight your members, all at once.


Superior Outcomes

Lark for Diabetes, as a fully integrated digital solution, is also positioned to address the significant clinical resource constraints that exist in current Diabetes care models, including those that utilize an outsourced call center coach model, which leave a significant percentage of the more than 27 million individuals with DM2 under-managed and lacking access to the intensity of clinical care required to solve the challenge before us. *

Lark’s Diabetes Care Program Changes Lives

Cutting Edge AI for a Personalized Journey

Every member is different, and bringing diabetes into control is never one-size-fits-all. Lark has deployed cutting-edge AI, built over 6 years in R&D, to 4 of the top 10 national health plans and over 200 large employers. Lark’s programs recognize, for instance, that Bill’s blood sugar is more sensitive to diet, while medication and stress impacts Emily’s more, therefore focusing her on adherence and CBT. Interpretive support ensures that every member understands their readings and trends and has actionable feedback delivered compassionately on their time.

Real-Time, Personalized Blood Sugar Feedback

Lark is able to take real time data from a member’s phone, connected glucose meter provided by Lark, and user provided input, to provide meaningful, real time coaching and recommendations that drive better engagement in a member’s individual level of care, including gaps in HEDIS measures. Reducing admissions, improving medication adherence, and driving long-term self-efficacy is in your hands.

Lark’s A.I for Diabetes Study Shows that Patients Significantly Reduce A1c

In this paper we describe how a digital, infinitely scalable, stand-alone solution can drive significant reductions in A1c among members with type 2 diabetes. Our analysis focuses on the results at month 4 of the Lark Diabetes Management Program (Lark DMP).

“…an AI approach to treating diabetes can be extremely effective. To make a dent in the nation’s diabetes crisis, we’ll need innovative approaches that can work at scale and Lark shows great promise in this regard.”

Dr. Robert Gabbay, Chief Medical Officer, Joslin Diabetes Center


Fewer Gaps in Diabetes Care

Lark’s Diabetes Care program tracks key medical appointments, including regular PCP check-ups, A1c tests, kidney disease screens, eye exams, flu shots, blood pressure tests, and cholesterol tests. Lark educates the user about the importance of, and appropriate frequency for, each of these visits, tracks attendance, and checks in to remind members when they are due for a particular visit. Lark also tracks the user’s diabetes medication adherence and helps troubleshoot barriers when reported medication adherence is less than 100%. Lark’s data tracking platform covers glucose, activity, nutrition, and sleep, illuminating trends of physical health and activity over time.

Enhanced Care Management Utilization

At clinically defined triggers such as severe glucose spikes or problems with medication, Lark can connect your member with a telephonic or virtual resource while sharing all relevant lead-up data such as glucose levels and medication adherence.

Making Members’ Lives Easier

Managing diabetes is hard enough as it is. Let members’ Lark text them test strip refill suggestions and fulfill the orders in the app. Lark is smart enough to know when your members are running low on strips based on testing data, and then to make sure they’re delivered to their doorstep at the perfect time, enhancing adherence and improving data capture.

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